365 Drinks: #89 Garagum Lager (Turkmenistan)

Garagum Lager
Garagum Lager

Awesome hotel room with mediocre beer

Last night in Ashgabat. Semi wasn’t feeling well so we decided to take it slow. I went out to check on our little Jagger and clean it. A strange thing in Ashgabat is that you don’t see any dirty cars. Apparently the government instructs cops to stop dirty cars and check them especially for any failures. Needless to say, our Jagger was as dirty as it can get still with layers of Cappadocian dust on it. But when I came out from the hotel, the car was spotless. A homeless dude cleaned it for us in exchange for 5 Manat (around $2). Good stuff. After that I made us some nice dinner. Instant chicken flavored ramen on our camping stove on the balcony of our (five-star) hotel room. So it was chicken soup for Semi and a beer for Mook.

A Garagum lager. The beer was with 3.4% extremely weak and it came in a 0.33 bottle. The smell was almost non existent. It was light yellow and not really foamy. The beer itself tasted very watery and slightly malty with a bitter note to it. It reminded me of a German Radler (beer mixed with sprite). I wished I would have seen the alcohol content earlier.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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