365 Drinks: #9 Borsodi Friss Alma (Hungary)

Borsodi Friss Alma
Borsodi Friss Alma

Detox drink for today

After the weekend rampage in Budapest, I decided to keep it low today. Means this is a perfect day for a 2% apple juice beer. I have never seen this combination and was actually quite interested (although I usually wouldn’t touch beer mix drinks). Apparently those beer mixers are quite popular in Hungary. The website of the brewery has a wide variety of beer/juice combinations. From lemon over cherry to a grapefruit mix without alcohol.

The “beer” has quite a nice apple flavor as you can imagine, I would have bet money that there is no alcohol in it if i would have smelled it blindfolded. It has some funny aftertaste though. The drink itself is super clear and not foamy at all, which probably shows the low percentage of beer in it. It tastes like your standard Apfelschorle with a hint of hop, pretty bad. Definitely not my favorite, but I surely needed a low maintenance drink for today.



The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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