365 Drinks: #90 Tac Lager (Turkmenistan)

Tac Lager
Tac Lager

Not “Door to Hell” but “Fucking hell, what are we doing?”

We made our way out of Ashgabat towards the infamous door to hell. Our first long drive through a desert. It was windy and the sand flowing over the street added up to the desert feeling. A couple of kilometres into the desert we saw a flock of wild camels. We stopped and tried to feed them, but it seems like this was too much to ask for. The camels ran away and I ended up throwing the apple into their direction. After a good four-hour drive we reached our destination. Supposedly. There were no roads leading to it and to hire a Jeep would cost us at least $70. Ouch. So we decided to screw the greedy locals and walk. Not a wise decision since it was freezing cold, we were walking through a fucking desert in pitch black darkness and it was six kilometres away. After two kilometres and no progress when it comes to “the light got brighter” we decided to turn around and skip it. Quite a disappointment. None the less, we ended up camping in the dessert and I had my beer that I brought from Ashgabat.

Tac lager. It came in a 0.5-liter can and was foamy enough to squirt all over our tent. The smell was not too intense but still malty. The beer itself tasted watery malty with a bit of sweetness to it. In total a below average beer. At least when we woke up we got greeted by another flock of camels.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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