365 Drinks: #93 Azia beer (Uzbekistan)

Azia Beer
Azia Beer

Beer ahoi

Today we drove all the way up to the former shores of the Aral lake. The lake shrunk 60 percent due to the superior planning of the former USSR and left the flourishing fisherman towns with a desert and stranded fishing vessels. An interesting and also sad story. The ships itself were cool to look at and even the local kids had their fun on them. The day ended with us camping at a small stream in the desert surrounded by some woods and cow poo. Oh, and I had a huge bottle of Uzbek beer.

Azia beer to be precise. It came in a plastic 1.25l bottle and foamed for a good five minutes when I tried to open it. After the first hurdle was taken I was able to down it. It was quite watery with a hint of malt and it easy to drink (besides the fact that I had to use both of my hands to lift the bottle). The taste also had the usual staleness of a beer that comes in a plastic bottle. With only 4% it was one of the weaker beers I had. Overall the beer was not totally shit as I assumed. Which is good I guess.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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