365 Drinks: #95 Qarata Vodka (Uzbekistan)

Uzbek Vodka
Uzbek Vodka

What helps against the cold? DISGUSTING VODKA

Another day, another long drive in a country with bad roads and cop stops everywhere. We made it from Khiva to Bukhara and I got a total of 7 handshakes with police officers. New record. Besides of that the cops left us alone, everybody just wanted to know where we are from and if we speak Russian. It took us about seven hours to drive a distance of 400km. Especially when it got pitch black, the driving was stressful and challenging. But after we arrived in Bukhara everything was good. Except the Qarata vodka that I bought on the way.

It had an intense rubbing alcohol smell and came in a bottle that didn’t really seal again after it was opened once. I wonder if this comes from the Russian custom of “when you open a bottle of vodka, you got to finish it” or the bad manufacturing skills of Uzbek people. The taste was pretty harsh with a sweet note to it that only kicked in about a minute after I drank it. I could feel the vodka burning down my chest and Semi advised me not to drink too much of it otherwise I would turn blind. It was indeed a pretty bad vodka but good for her that she didn’t try some of the Turkmeni vodka I had…


The Breakdown

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