365 Drinks: #98 Botsko Lager (Uzbekistan)

Botsko Lager
Botsko Lager

Classy delivered in a 1.25-liter plastic bottle

Samarkand has the same problems as Bukhara. Although it has stunning old mausoleums, madrasas and whatsoever, where are the bars or pubs? We did our sightseeing duty and just wanted to have a nice beer in a cozy atmosphere… you can even keep the atmosphere, just give me a bar or something! I think I reached the point where I miss London’s thousands of pubs the most. Sit down, relax and have a casual beer. In Samarkand we had to go to a restaurant. It was not as nearly as good nor was it a pleasant experience. But they had beer.

The waiter offered us three types of beer. Two of them were huge 1.25-liter plastic bottles. I never got offered a plastic bottle of beer in a restaurant. We had to try it. The decision fell on the Botsko lager. It had a dark golden color and was not really foamy. The beer had a nice roasted malty smell. It tasted malty sweet almost caramel like with a tiny hint of plastic bottle. Overall not a bad beer, although it came in a plastic bottle.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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