365 Drinks: #99 Pulsar 12 Lager (Uzbekistan)

Pulsar 12


Pulsar 12

The day was full of shit

The picture says it all. I was feeling shit all day. Apparently I had some bad dumplings the day before. Means we couldn’t continue our trip to Tashkent and had to stay another night in our guesthouse in Samarkand. Bummer. I already had some beer the day before but in this state I just couldn’t drink anything harder or more disgusting. Sorry. So here my toilet beer. Pulsar 12.

The pale lager came as most Uzbek beers in a 1.25-liter plastic bottle. It smelled slightly hoppy, and slightly sour and fruity, but not really nice. It was clear golden and had a small head.  The taste was a bit malty or hoppy and the beer had a bitter aftertaste. With 5 percentit had a higher alcoholic content than most Uzbeki beers, but that doesn’t make it a good beer.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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