365 Drinks: #154 Lao Khao blue label (Thailand)

Lao Khao
Lao Khao


Today was shopping day. The girls went out to pay a visit to the huge MBK mall before we went to a night market in the south east of Bangkok. A bit hard to find if you don’t know where it is and also quite a walk if you take the wrong exit out of the nearby shopping mall but it was well worth it. The market had a live band, a lot of pop up stalls and a whole alley full of street food stalls. We got ourselves a super spicy seafood/vegetable platter to share before browsing through what the vendors had to offer. We went home with our full shopping bags but still had to do one more buy.

We stopped at the nearby 7-eleven where I got myself a bottle of Lao Khao rice wine. I never seen it before and couldn’t read a thing on the bottle, seemed like a good bet for an interesting drink. And it was indeed interesting but unfortunately not in a good way. It was clear and smelled like wet freshly cut wood that got soaked in pure alcohol. Due to the lack of shot glasses or even just a glass I drank this shit straight out of the bottle. It tasted sweetish grainy almost wood like with an extreme alcohol note to it. I didn’t know how strong it is since it wasn’t quoted on the bottle but it tasted fucking strong and after two big sips out of the bottle I could feel it kicking it and my gag reflex showed me that it is still there. According to the internet, the drink is made out of sticky rice and has a alcohol content between 35 and 40%. It’s a pretty bad drink.


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