About U-Straße

What is “Route nach Unbekannte Straße”?

This is the directions German Google Maps gives when you drop a pin randomly in Southeast Asia and ask it how to get there from London. In 2014 we made this our goal, and set out to travel all the way to Southeast Asia from Europe via road and rail.

In July of that year, we left our lovely place in London to travel around the world (mostly) by land, because flying is for pussies and who wants to do things the easy way? In the first chapter of our journey, we bought a car and drove from Germany to China via Iran and Central Asia. We then sold our car in Kyrgyzstan and continued on through China into Southeast Asia, where we spent the winter before hopping to Hong Kong, Japan, and the big ol’ USA. In the USA we bought another car and drove all the way to New York, then flew back to Germany to complete one circle around the world. BAM!!

During our one year tour, Mook completed the mighty challenge of having one unique alcoholic drink from the local area every. single. day. Read about each and every one of those beverages at 365 Drinks.

We’ve since decided that being on the road full time all year sucks. Who wants to sleep in a different bed every other day, have no local friends/community, and not be able to make your own booze? We’ve revamped our life and are now stationed in exciting Berlin, where we (well, mostly Semi) blog about pretty much the same thing as before: Drinking and fun stuff!!!!!111 With a little bit of local life mixed in.

Who are we?

Semi and Mook

We are global citizens who love to drink. Mook is a web developer from Motor City, Germany, and Semi is a “media professional” from the Motor City, USA. If you want to find out more, check out our CouchSurfing profile. But the best way to get to know us is to follow us!