Preparing for life on the road without our car

stuff from Jagger

Overlanding from Germany to Kazakhstan with a car came with a host of bonuses, one of the biggest being that we always had a safe and easy place to keep our stuff. With Jagger now gone, we’ve had to get used to a new style of travelling: Backpacking. Finally, I’ll get the chance to really use my £170 Lowe Alpine backpack!! Was what I kept saying to try and hype myself up for the task of, once again, whittling down all our belongings and then carrying them around, everywhere, all the time.

In our three-and-a-half months on the road, we hadn’t accumulated too much extra stuff, but we did have a lot of camping gear, cooking supplies, and stupid crap we never used like a frisbee and inflatable raft. We pretty much put everything into the street (where hopefully people would rummage through it) and managed to whittle our stuff down from this:

stuff from Jagger

Only the important stuff, including camping gear and a mixing deck

to this:

Stuff for backpacking

Still not exactly lightweight travelling

The camping stuff was the hardest to get rid of, but it’s absolutely freezing now in Central Asia we couldn’t reason dragging it with us until we hit the warm regions again in China. (The mixing deck stayed though.)

But we didn’t really know what to do about Jesus. Jesus Garcia is our cactus, picked up at a home centre outside of Mostar, Bosnia.

Jesus Garcia


We dragged him 15,000 kilometres from Bosnia to Kyrgyzstan, and he provided us with hours of hilarious conversation as he bounced around at the side of the dashboard. Losing Jagger really hurt, and we couldn’t stand to suffer the loss of our other friend and travel companion. But how to bring a cactus with you backpacking? Using the bottom of a small plastic cup and an empty water bottle, I managed to fashion a rather ingenious (if I do say so myself) shock-resistant enclosure for Jesus.


Jesus Garcia

BAM!!! So far this has been working brilliantly, but we are worried that one day customs won’t let Jesus across the border. We’ll see.

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