Route nach ??? Our grand plan for the next six months



More than six months have passed since we left Mook’s little hometown in Germany and stormed across Eurasia, can you believe it?! Our mission was to travel from Europe to Asia overland, and we made it. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

But now what? Since we hit Thailand we’ve admittedly been a little lost, less focused on what we want to see, and less excited to check out new things. Despite wanting to slow down and live life a more impulsively, we needed to make a schedule to keep ourselves going. After a couple of beer-fuelled brainstorming sessions, we’ve finally come up with a plan!



Our departure from Bangkok is imminent, and we will travel 23 hours by train to our 24th country, Malaysia. From there we’ll spend a few days in Kuala Lumpur before heading down to Singapore to meet up with an awesome friend who we serendipitously met in Bursa, Turkey, and who introduced us to the magic of pideli köfte!!

After a few days in Singapore we are excited to make our first venture into the Southern Hemisphere, travelling by ferry into Indonesia.



We’ll spend most of March exploring Indonesia, though we’re not exactly sure how far down through the islands we want to go. While a stay in Bali is most definitely not on the agenda, we’re hunting for cool stuff to see and do all the way down to Timor-Leste. Travel will get slow and difficult if we want to avoid flying, but we plan to spend a lot of time on boats. From there it’s back up the Asian peninsula, through Malaysia to….

Myanmar!! This one’s still in the works, but we’ll be meeting a friend from London for a two-week adventure in Burma.



After two weeks in Myanmar, it’ll be time to hoof it back through Thailand and into Laos! Here we’ll be meeting a friend from Berlin, applying for our Chinese visas in Vientiane, and spending some time chilling out in the jungle. After that it will be time to return to…



CHINA!! By this time it’ll be warm again, so we’ll pick up kind of where we left off by heading into Yunnan and slowly working our way northeast to Shanghai to meet up with another friend. We’ll spend one month in China (or maybe a bit longer, depending on what kind of visa we can get), and then from either Shanghai or Hong Kong we will…


june to the USA!! Yes, for the great jump over the ocean we will unfortunately cheat once again. We need an internet connection to work, and haven’t found any trans-Pacific ship where a data connection is available (but if you know how we can cross by boat but still have an internet connection, please let us know!). We plan to arrive in Los Angeles, and then drive from LA to Detroit.



Summer is the best time of year to be in the Motor City and to explore the Water Wonderland state. Detroit will be our base while we help sort out my dad’s collection of weird and wonderful junk (which is way cooler than it sounds), maybe check out some stuff in Canada, and figure out how we’re going to make it down to… SOUTH AMERICAaaa.

So there you have it, the next part of our grand plan!! It’s a long journey, but our baby steps have now taken us a whopping 28,000km (but who’s counting?!), and we’re looking forward to toddling through all the way to good ol’ D-Town.

Importantly!! If you’ve got any recommendations on cool things to check out, or crap to avoid, in any of our upcoming destinations, please let us know in the comments, on our Facebook page, or via Twitter, email, smoke signals, or whatever your preferred method of contact may be.

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    • Semi

      Thanks for the question Mark! It’s actually a bit of both: Before we left we’d collectively saved up about £15k, which we then chipped into a bit buying a car, getting car and health insurance, paying for the import/export in Iran, etc. Mook is also doing software development on the side and we hope to get some income off the website at one point!

    • Semi

      Thanks for the link!! Looks like it’s around £1200 per person to go from China to the USA. The big problem would be the lack of an internet connection (and the cabin fever :D)

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