The good, the bad, the ugly – Booze roundup months eleven and twelve


Booze round-up 11 and 12

I made it! Three hundred and sixty-five different alcoholic drinks in 365 days. Here is my roundup of the last two months drinking.

It’s all about beer baby

I am German, and as a German I take pride in German beer. But even though this is not a popular opinion in my motherland or Europe in general, I will say and say it again: The USA produces the best beer in the world. Why? Because beer has so much more potential than just a lager or an ale. Americans flavor things up and a lot of it is shit, but a lot of it is fucking delicious. And it is still beer. They add more things than the Reinheitsgebot is saying, but to enhance the flavor of beer and not to cover up their shitty brewing work.

The Good

Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider

Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider (USA)

This cider was just delicious. It was naturally cloudy, not too sour, and it tasted like actual apples. Probably the best cider I’ve ever had.

Ruby Mountain Bristlecone Brown Porter

Ruby Mountain Bristlecone Brown Porter (USA)

I could have named many beers in this section but this one makes the top because it is just goddamn good. Creamy, flavourful, and easy to drink. That is how you make a porter.

The Bad

Arcadia Brewing Jaw Jacker Spiced Beer

Arcadia Brewing Co. Jaw Jacker spiced beer (USA)

I know Americans like pumpkin spiced shit, but this beer is fucking horrible. Cardamom smell and a disgusting nutmeg flavor… who would want to drink this shit?

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

Bud Light Lime-A-Rita (USA)

Seriously? A “cocktail” mixed from a Bud Light? This drink has shit written all over it, and the taste lived up to it’s name. Fucking horrible.

The Ugly

Tonopah Brewery Ghost Miner

Tonopah Brewery Ghost Miner (USA)

This “beer” gets its spot in this section not because it was particularly bad, but just because you can’t drink this stuff. I love spicy things but this beer gave me instant heartburn, and I only had a small sampler glass.

Jeppson's Malört

Jeppson’s Malört (USA)

Not as bad as the benchmark to all disgusting drinks, Unicum, but it was getting close. Good start with a bitter finish that blows your socks off. Just horrible.

The Special

Valentine Vodka

Valentine Vodka (USA)
I wanted to make my last one something good, and I found something suitable with this Vodka. Clear, a slight sweet aroma and a smooth taste. An absolute premium Vodka that deserves to be no. 365.

Stay tuned for a big global booze wrap up, and news of what kind of boozy antics we’re planning next!! And follow us on Untappd already, FFS!

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