The good, the bad, the ugly – Booze roundup months five and six

Qingke jiu barley vodka

It’s half time, six months of drinking are over. This means over 183 drinks in 23 countries. It was fun and I’m still thirsty. Here are the high and lowlights of the last two months.

China is in a league of its own (surprise surprise)

It is a big country and well known to be a bit different. This also reflects in its drinking culture. The traditional baiju, or “white liqour”, can be found everywhere and it’s cheap but mostly disgusting. People still tend to drink it a lot for dinner, but beer and wine is up and coming. A lot of Chinese like to drink beer but unfortunately the quality is rather bad. Most of Chinese beer is produced by four or five huge companies that value quantity over quality, but while we were there we also met young people that go beyond this and started making their own beer and try to teach the Chinese what good beer is about. It is an interesting market and I’m looking forward to see how it will develop over the next couple of years.

The Good

Harvest Lager

Harvest Lager (China)

The best beer I had in China. The micro-brewed lager is only around for around two years and only available in Chengdu. I was so thrilled to get my hand on a beer that is not super low on alcohol and actually tasted good. If you go to Chengdu you have to check it out.

Qingke jiu barley vodka

Qingke Jiu (Tibet)

Who would have guessed that Tibetans are good in making alcohol? This barley spirit is the best drink I had on my trip so far. It is strong and has an interesting, deep flavor that is smooth and easy to drink. And man, it is cheap.

The Bad

Spy Classic Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler (Thailand)

If you have been to Thailand and checked out the alcohol selection of any convenient store you probably stubled upon those little bottles in all different colors. If it is a red wine shandy, a cider shandy or a cocktail mixer—the variety is big but most of them are just shit (and I had a lot of them). They are probably nice if you don’t bother to get drunk and just want to be left out when all your friends drink beer and you actually don’t like alcohol.

Dezhou Landun Beer Beuenagc LaLed

Dezhou Landun Beer (China)

This beer was an impulse buy on a train in China and I regretted buying two cans. It tasted sour and just poorly manufactured, almost like the tanks have been cleaned with cat piss. It’s shit and not high on alcohol, by far the worst beer I had in China.

The Ugly


Lao Heng Heng Special Muscle Wine

Lao Heng Heng Special Muscle Wine (Cambodia)

If this crap is good for your muscles I would rather stay in bed all my life with muscle diseases and accept my faith than drinking this shit. It was disgusting and the herbs they used just didn’t fit together. Yes it was strong but I prefer having five shitty beers than one shot of this crap.

Han Tang Brave Dragon Wine

Han Tang Brave Dragon (China)

The brown clear liquor is made out of herbs that only god knows. Although it “just” had 32 percent alcohol, it tasted like a not-so-bitter 50 percent version of Zwack Unicum.

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