The good, the bad, the ugly – Booze roundup months nine and ten

Luk Yung Tai Fao Wine

Still one of the most epic photos

Our travels brought in the last two months brought us so far east that we made it back to the west. Here is my booze roundup for months nine and ten.

Japan is an awesome place to go when it comes to drinking

This was my second time in Japan and I already noticed the first time that Japanese people love to get drunk. You can get cheap 8-12 percent tall cans for little money and drinking on the street, trains, basically anywhere is cool. Also the variety Japan has to offer is just phenomenal. Sake, whiskey, shochu, umeshu, wine, chu-hi, and now they are also getting into craft beer. I did a special of two drinks per day while I was there and I think I could just continue till I die without having drank the same drink twice.

The Good

Kamosubito Kuheiji sake

Kamosubito Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo sake (Japan)

It was a lucky coincidence that I ended up drinking this exquisite sake. Usual way out of our price range and served in top-notch hotels around the world it surely was the best sake I ever had. Easy to drink but still punchy and with interesting flavours. Yummy.

Hong Kong Beer Co. Oatmeal Stout

Hong Kong Beer Co. Oatmeal Stout (Hong Kong)

There weren’t many choices when it came to alcohol produced in Hong Kong, but this one was definitely the highlight. A well-brewed oatmeal stout that was creamy and delicious.

The Bad

Onikoroshi Sake

Kiyosujo-nobunaga Onikoroshi tetrapak sake (Japan)

I guess the rule is the same everywhere. If you get booze from a tetrapak, you gonna have a bad time. And the same applies to this shit. Super cheap but even not worth a penny. It sucks balls and tastes like you are drinking gall bladder juice.

Oculto Beer

Oculto Beer (USA)

Whoever had the idea to brew this beer deserves a punch in the face. You can’t call it beer anymore, it tasted like liquid plastic.

The Ugly

Luk Yung Tai Fao Wine

Luk Yung Tai Fao Wine (Hong Kong)

It is not my first “Chinese muscle wine” and I still think that they all taste like your grandma’s armpits. This one even had deer antlers as one of its ingredients. WHY?


Four Loco Fruit Punch

Four Loko Fruit Punch (USA)

My glorious drink 300. Not as ugly in the taste as other ones I listed here before, but definitely ugly when it comes to what it does to your body. It was good for an instant headache and a drunkenness that only belongs to Vegas.

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