The good, the bad, the ugly – Booze roundup months three and four

Homemade Arag

Two more months of drinking are over, it was more challenging but I managed to get interesting drinks including the worst wine I ever had and the worst beer I ever had. Here a round up of the good, the bad and the ugly ones.


Islamic country or not, people like to get pissed

The last 2 months were challenging for my drinking plan. Most of the countries we travelled were mainly inhabited by Muslims, who aren’t allowed to drink. Iran even has a strict no-alcohol law that can result in the death penalty. But I was still able to find alcohol everywhere.

Turkey is oriented to the liberal West and the founder Atatürk was the first man to open a beer brewery in the country. Although this is changing more and more with President Erdogan, it is still fairly easy to get drunk in Turkey.

It is an open secret that people in Iran drink alcohol and if you visit the country and talk to locals you will find people that are more than happy to share a drink with you.

The rest of the Central Asian countries like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan once belonged to the former Soviet Union which means that there has to be vodka in every supermarket by law.

The good

Khareba Mtsvane

Georgian Style Wine

Bury a huge clay jug in the ground and fill it with grapes. That is how Georgians make their wine for centuries. The product tastes awesome and loads of people still make it themselves at home.

Homemade Arag

Home made Iranian Lemon Arak

Who would have thought that people from a country where alcohol is forbidden are good in making it? Well it has a long tradition in Iran and was legal before the Islamic Revolution. This particular one was especially awesome since it was mixed with lemons and sat in the sun for a couple of months. Mmmm.

The bad

Bagizagan Red

Bagizagan Red Wine

I had many bad wines in my life but this one was the worst so far. It smelled like something rotting and tasted like model airplane glue. Even for Uzbek standards it was horrible.

Turkmenistan Serdar

Turkmenistan Serdar Vodka

I guess this is what you get when all the alcohol production is owned by the government. This vodka is there just to get you trashed and make you forget you are living in a suppressing dictatorship. More a bottle of rubbing alcohol than vodka.

The ugly



I was quite a while on the hunt for this shit in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan only to find out that it’s horrible. It was sour, fizzy and low on alcohol. People say the fresh stuff is better but I doubt it. Who the hell thought that making booze out of horse milk would be a good idea?

Blonder Pub English Stout

Blonder Pub English Staut

This beer is so bad that it turned ugly. This piss has nothing to do with beer anymore and just by calling it a “staut” they insult all beers out there. I was even close to not drinking the whole glass, a novum.

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